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Front-end Web Development (HTML & CSS) from Skillshare Classes

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Front-end Web Development (HTML & CSS) from Skillshare Classes

Mary || Mary Seph 🌱
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New to web development apart from what you learned at school? Me too! I wanted to delve deeper into computational sciences so I enrolled in a few courses at Skillshare for a 30 days.

Here you will find my notes from classes about coding with HTML and CSS taught by:

  • Rich Armstrong
  • Aga Naplocha
  • Christopher Dodd
  • Jenn Lukas

Things like basic CSS and HTML syntax, elements, and properties; working with margins and borders, floating, positioning, display types, and more!

Included is a general overview of web development by Christopher Dodd, and an introduction to Javascript (Christopher Dodd and Rich Armstrong).

Year Written: 2022

Format: PDF

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Introduction to HTML_Build a Portfolio Website_JennLukas
10 pages
Hand-code Your First Website_HTML+CSS Basics_RichArmstrong
19 pages
Code Your Own Website_AgaNaplocha
3 pages
Basics.of Web Design Layout_RichArmstrong
19 pages
Understanding Web Devo_Beginner_s Guide to the Web_ChristopherDodd
17 pages
Total pages
68 pages
45.5 MB
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